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The Studio - My Creative Space

My sweet little studio. My atelier. Where the magic happens tehe! It's a place to dream, drape and create, a hub to meet with clients and friends.

My dear friend and talented photographer Lizzy Lamprecht (@lizzyrosecreates), came by for a visit one rainy afternoon and beautifully captured the essence of my creative space. These pictures made me smile, so I thought I'd share them with you.

The studio is light and airy and practical, but my favourite part is the back window, which stretches above my work table. Outside this window a flourishing vine dresses our fence and creeps up the trunk of a tree. More often than not, a sea breeze blows through, making the leaves of the vine dance and rustle. From this window I have seen storm clouds roll in, rainbows and sunsets paint the sky and the occasional little birdy. To many it's just a window, but to me it's a source of joy and inspiration, for which I am very grateful.

Lizzy went above and beyond and made this video of my studio and a few of the bespoke pieces I've created for my own wardrobe. I hope you enjoy!


Katy xo

P.s. Did you spot my favourite window? ;)

Find Lizzy at:

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