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Madeleine & Macy

Isn't she lovely?! This beautiful lady is my sweet friend Madeleine, cradling our family dog Macy. She is wearing her original Katy Paroz Bespoke pleated skirt. I love this photograph, I see so much of her kindness and natural beauty in it.

Maddie came to me at the end of last year sharing her frustrations over really struggling to find skirts (among other items of clothing) in store. They were always too short, or awkwardly long, or sat in an unflattering way. Like many of the women I speak to, the cookie-cutter sizing provided in most ready made clothing just wasn't working for Maddie.

To my delight she went on to commission me to make her some pieces that were custom designed and crafted just for her. Together we sourced fabric that she loved and that expressed her personal style. For this floral number (featured in the photograph above), Maddie wanted the skirt to sit at the most flattering point of her waist with a wide waistband and then slightly flair to just below her knees. I added some strategic pleating and a couple of generous curved inset pockets (per Maddie's request) and this sweet little number came to be.

I loved seeing Maddie in her final fitting as she tried on her completed skirt. She looked at me and gave a demure smile as she happily swished her skirt from side to side looking every bit the beauty that I know her to be. Seeing her comfortable and confident in her custom piece was such a wonderful thing to witness.

If are looking to have a custom piece of clothing designed and made for you, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'd love to hear from you!


Katy xo

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