My Story

I fell in love with dressmaking and design at a very young age and I was fortunate enough to have a mother and nanna to kindly pass on to me what they knew. I have many fond memories of sitting together by their old sewing machines or eagerly exploring a fabric store together.

This passion remained with me throughout high school and continued to flourish as I experimented and pushed myself creatively. I went on to further my knowledge and skills by completing a Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design at Billy Blue College of Design. It was here that my eyes were opened to the overwhelming and inspiring expanse that is the fashion industry.

While I enjoyed almost every aspect of my learning, my heart has always reserved a special place for the beautiful art of custom designed and made clothing. Timeless pieces that are crafted with love and care, made to fit perfectly. 

The bespoke process is such a joyful one for me. To see women don one of my creations that we have dreamt up together -  something that makes them look and feel amazing - is a beautiful thing to witness.  

Photograph -  Elizabeth-Rose Lamprecht